Pre-school curriculum taught by native English speakers, to enable young domestic and international learners to grow using their individual spirit and natural gifts.

Shining Stars Kamala opened its doors in 2008, responding to a clear community need for a more progressive English-language pre-school, nursery and kindergarten, to serve the growing domestic and international population of Kamala, Phuket. In a very short period of time, word spread across the island about the success and fun children were having at this small pre-school, and more and more people began to arrive at the school’s gate, coming from all around Phuket. 

Shining Stars provides a lovely, protective space for children to sing and dance, role-play stories, learn the foundations of numbers and letters, join various activities to engage in collaborative action with others, eat delicious, healthy home-prepared food, and play with their friends in a beautiful natural setting of the garden. Families have long been attracted to the intimate experience at Shining Stars, where children work closely with one another and their instructors, to explore the world in a journey from the “Me to the We.”

Kindergarten at yoga classes at Shining Stars Kamala Pre-school

At Shining Stars, children begin their pre-school educational journey from the center of their universe, learning about their physical bodies, eating healthy foods, and exercising their bodies, running.
A special program of yoga-for-kids has been implemented at Shining Stars pre-school to help children develop their strengths and to challenge kids to learn new skills, in order to encourage healthy bodies and minds. As children learn about their bodies and about being healthy with food and exercise, they also find an awareness of those people around them in the same journey, helping others to benefit as well.

Children learn how to engage with the next outward circle of their world, in contact with their classmates, communicating their needs and listening to the needs of others. Early in life, children encounter their emotional world and they desire a language to express themselves, as well as learning to respond appropriately to the people around them.
At Shining Stars, children are strongly encouraged to recognize this bond between themselves and others, through the simple act of listening and reacting to their friends, sharing with other people, and engaging with different children in various activities, and to have fun doing it!
Students are assisted in finding resolution to conflict, by understanding other perspectives and communicating their own feelings and needs. This social-emotional aspect of learning is vital to children’s development, as they become more familiar with the larger world around them.

pre-school, kindergartenOnce the students at Shining Stars gain a better sense of their nearby surroundings, they begin to discuss their families and neighbors, then start to explore the local community (the jungle and the beach!), as well as to learn about the foods they eat and how they grow.
Gardens are planted at the pre-school grounds, for children to be responsible for the plants and for children to better comprehend the natural processes in growing food. Children are also given opportunities to make and share food at school, baking bread, blending smoothies, and experiencing Thai dishes.
While English is the language of instruction, students at Shining Stars also are given the opportunity to learn Thai, either as a new language or to develop their already-present Thai skills. Shining Stars has been an international pre-school from its beginning, where children experience many languages and cultures mingling together on the small campus. The cosmopolitan feel of so many different places combines into a nurturing community in this little school in Kamala.pre-school, kindergarten

After the students at Shining Stars have considered the local community of Phuket, they can begin to understand the places beyond their daily experience.
Expanding from the “Me to the We,” children learn about Phuket within the larger country of Thailand. Then, with so many people from so many places, the children can learn about other countries, in the context of their friends who have families around the world.
The venturing into learning about the rest of the globe, which begins with their friends at Shining Stars, to hear the languages they speak, and to learn from each other about places they may have never visited. Children are encouraged to share information about the home-countries of their families, both so they can understand their place in the world and to teach their peers something new.

pre-school, kindergartenAs the children at Shining Stars learn about these other places, they can also be introduced to the idea of habitats in each of these countries. They learn about mountains and desserts and forests, and compare them to the ocean and jungle they know from living in Phuket. Children love to discover these distant places and to learn more about the many animals that live in each of these habitats.
As the habitats are introduced, they also learn about the importance of respecting and protecting the natural world, to where they belong. That is say, children can begin to understand and respect where they exist: first, in their bodies, learning at Shining Stars, next to their friends and neighbors of seaside Kamala, situated on hilly Phuket, located in the larger country of Thailand, as part of the continent of Asia, on this planet Earth. Children begin to learn a sense of the world, beginning with their own place here.

pre-school, kindergarten

The last brave step on the journey goes outward into the universe, as the children are introduced to the other planets of our solar system, as well as learning about moons and stars and expansive space. This very exciting journey is much like a rocket-ride, as the young children begin to grasp the size of the universe, to consider Earth as a ball going around our sun, then to think about the unexplored realms of space.
With each step outward beyond themselves, the students are always reminded to stay grounded in their bodies, to help their friends, to respect their neighbors, and to be present here in the school. As the journey outward continues, the children are always expanding their inner worlds and strengthening connections to others and the world.

 pre-schoolThe journey of “Me to We” is different for each child at Shining Stars, as each student discovers strengths and challenges. Children learn with hands-on projects, working collaboratively, guided by caring teachers, in an idyllic natural setting of Kamala, Phuket.
As they are introduced to the basic foundations of literacy and numeracy, students at Shining Stars are offered much more than just numbers and letters. Children learn within the framework of a curriculum that allows for innate curiosity to inspire them, to understand who they are and what they enjoy, and to engage with others in a larger collective effort.
As they make connections between school, home, and the larger world, children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually in a safe, natural environment at Shining Stars.

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