Shining Stars was created in 2008 in beliefs that children should be empowered to become creative, caring citizens of the world. Today Shining Stars is operated by our team of professional educators, bringing formal learning, a commitment to self and oneness into our teaching. Our strong love of words and books, combined with meditative practices, allows us to share with the children a greater focus and clarity.

Shining Stars provides an English-language education for Preschool, Kindergarden and Primary 1 & 2. The school places a high emphasis on the arts, social awareness, love of stories, yoga and nurturing children’s endless curiosity!

Shining Stars Fees

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis we decided to offer special discounts on our school fees during this trying times. Please book a free school tour and we are happy to discuss our fees to suit your financial situation. Most important is that all children receive the education they deserve!

Book a free school tour: Miss Cara Tel: +66 620 305 774 or email us

Regular School Fees: Includes tuition, food (lunch & snacks), and school materials.
A short-term fee structure exists for those who join after September 30, 2021.

Lower school 9 am to 3 pm Baht 190,000.00 per full school year

Upper school 9 am to 3 pm Baht 210,000.00 per full school year